HOST is the environmentally preferred carpet cleaning system that cleans your carpet deep down leaving it fresh, clean, dry and ready to use. Made from 100% plant-based resources and a little bit of water, HOST is the easy, effective, safe and green choice for your carpet.

Carpet is an important part of how people see your entire facility.
When your carpet is clean, everything else looks better. But too often, carpet cleaning is delayed to avoid taking the carpet out of service for long periods of time. The beauty of the HOST® Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System is that cleaning can be routine and not a special project, because carpets are back in service as soon as the cleaning is done. With HOST®, carpet can be clean, dry and look its best every day.

  • Nothing but clean, dry carpet!
  • No trips to the janitor’s closet to fill and dump water.
  • No need for fans to dry the carpet.
  • No need to return to the site to take down fans or caution signs.
  • No wick-back of spots.
  • No more off-hour scheduling.


Perhaps there’s no greater industry that needs its carpet to remain open and in-service 24 hours a day, seven days a week than the hospitality industry.


The education field puts a demanding strain on carpet. With more schools and universities open year round, the time available to properly clean the carpets is shrinking. Fortunately you found HOST®.


Rigorous round-the-clock facility use is the maintenance challenge of healthcare facilities – be it in a hospital, clinic, nursing home or an extended care facility.


Carpet plays an important role in establishing the image you are trying to project. HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaner will help you make sure that image is spotless.

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